“What took us hours before to code and deploy, we can now do in 3 minutes with Simpo

VP, Neat
“Simpo gives us a way to automate user onboarding and education in Neat. It takes us minutes to add experiences that previously required months of engineering time.”
PM, Receipt-Bank
“After replacing our old solution with Simpo, we saw an increase in user adoption of 2.7x. Our users get work done earlier, and get started faster. Simpo is an integral part of our onboarding and support process.“
VP, Monday.com
“Universal Knowledge Search and AutoTasks are a game-changer. We use Simpo to make onboarding fast, get higher adoption and collect feedback without users ever leaving the app.”

Case Study

With more than 15 years experience in the field, Neat is the leader in the receipt management industry.
Their Success With Simpo
  • Total onboarding time cut in half.
  • Total reduction in support volume of 18%.
  • Users receive a better software experience, and as a result, rate consistently higher on NPS.

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