Guide, Educate and Understand Your Users

Deliver in-app experiences with no coding required

Simpo Platform Foundations


Simpo makes it super easy to automate in-app experiences. Automatically guide your users with walkthroughs and automate important tasks no coding required.


Simpo lets you personalize user interactions – walkthroughs, announcements, automated tasks, all based on a user’s profile. This results in experiences that speak directly to each user.

Simpo Platform Apps


Automated guides that onboard and educate users by interactively stepping them through product features.


Notifications that inform users about new features, product status, and other important things.

Universal Learning Center

A search-based interface that brings together everything a user needs to know — walkthroughs, AutoTasks, articles, and more.


Automations that guide users through multi-step tasks by instantly taking them to the right place within an application.


Easy ways to get feedback from users quantitatively or qualitatively, including NPS – Net Promoter Score.


A dashboard that highlights how users are using the software — features used and not used; usage patterns over time; feedback from surveys; and more.

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